Idaho Simulation Network


Idaho Simulation Network

Creating a safer health care system

How do we get there? By…

  • Assuring reliable performance of pre-hospital and hospital teams during routine and critical events by providing the opportunity to practice technical, assessment, clinical decision making ,and teamwork skills during the management of routine & critical events utilizing simulation.

  • Addressing Idaho’s growing health care workforce training challenges by decreasing reliance upon an over stressed clinical sites.

  • Better preparing students through predictable and reproducible experience-based learning.

  • Creating greater learning exposure and experiences opportunities to medical students and residents without exposing actual patients to unnecessary risk.

  • Maintaining skill levels of practicing professionals, especially practitioners in rural areas.

  • Attracting residents and nurses coming out of training programs where simulation was an integral part of the hands-on learning experience.

Benefits of Subscribing:

  • Professional Networking – Shared Knowledge

  • Sim Facilitator and Technician training activities

  • Mobile Outreach for CAH & EMS


Get involved:

Subscribership in the ISN is open to any Idaho organization that recognizes the value of the simulation methodology and wishes to become involved in this exciting initiative (See Join Us)